Baptism is the beginning of a Christian’s faith. It is usually performed when the person is a baby/child. A priest gives a mass and he then pours a small amount of holy water on their head. This is symbolic of cleansing the person in order to start a new life with god.


Ceremonial mass, holy water being poured over there head, christening cake, family and friend gathering, god parents.


Holy water, dove with twig

What does it mean by the statement ‘no one is perfect’?

–          Often people do the wrong thing, make poor choices and can be unjust or cruel. This does not mean that we are evil or bad it means that all humans have weaknesses. This is a basic characteristic of first humans rejecting God’s love and friendship.

–          This imperfection we inherit is called the Original sin. The Catholic Church teaches that by Baptism we are freed from Original Sin and are filled with the Holy Spirit.

Video: Annabelle’s Baptism – What symbols do you see?

Holy Water on the baby’s head, Priest saying a special prayer, blessed the baby with the chrisom oil, lighting of the candle representing Jesus will be with you.


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