Influence of Jesus

Influence of Jesus

Talk to you neighbour and ask them what they understand about Jesus and Why is he still such an important figure in the modern day

List as any observations as you can:

  • He died for our sins
  • He heals people 
  • He has powers and performed miracles
  • Walked on water
  • Turned water into wine
  • Multiplies the bread and fish
  • He forgave people
  • He s the Son of God
  • He was resurrected
  • Immaculate conception – virgin mother Mary
  • He asked people to spread the word of the Lord/God
  • He didn’t judge

I would like to be more like Jesus and I would like to start by Helping people when I see them in need 🙂

Jesus’ message is still so important today because there is so much hatred in the world. his message is strong and meaningful and if it is spread and taught to all then people will understand how to treat one another.


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