Early Christian Communities

Activity – Brainstorm

1 What makes a hero?

A Hero to me is someone who goes out of their way to help or make someone happy. They have a true pure heart and are eager to keep to their morals.

2 Does a hero have to be a famous person?

No. A hero just had to have morals and are true to them selves and friends. They don’t boast or tease

3 Who is the most heroic person you know, and why?

I think the most heroic person I know is my Nana and a family friend, Monica. These to people strive to do good deeds. They are very caring, kind, responsible, selfless and they help my family so much.

4 What is a Hero Like?

A hero is acts of selfless, the give and earn their respect, they are kind and caring, they show courage, they are responsible and they have morals.

After discussing these questions make a list of the qualities that

make a person heroic. Compare your list with others.

What qualities appear most often?

acts of selfless, respect, kind caring, courage, responsibility they have morals


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