St Paul – A Christian Hero

As a result of his personal conversion, Paul was inspired to spread the Gospel. To do this he had to travel and travel he did!On his first journey, which was also the shortest, he was accompanied by Barnabas. This journey ended when Paul returned to Jerusalem for the Council. He was already working with Gentiles and was convinced that all, Jews and Gentiles, should hear about Jesus. He strongly argued for this position at the Council of Jerusalem.

In his second journey he travelled with Silas. They spent a considerable amount of time in Athens and Corinth, two major centres of Greek culture and learning. Paul preached to everyone. He went to the synagogues to speak to the Jews. He spoke in the market places to common everyday people, and to the learned in lecture halls. Paul’s message was always centred on how Jesus had come for all and there was a place in the Christian community for who put their faith in the risen Lord.

 – Saul changed in Paul


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