Test Your Knowledge

What is the term that St Paul uses to describe the Church? What do you think it means?

St Paul refers to the Church as the Body of Christ. He means that all members are part of the church are united with each other. Everyone who is part of the church has a role and are needed for the church to run.

Why is the church sometimes called “the People of God”

As members of God’s people, we each have a role to plat in the church and in the wider society. This also means that as a part of God’s Family, we have responsibilities to ourselves, each other and to God.

Who is the head of the church?

In the Catholic Church the head of the Church is the Pope.

What is a lay person?

Most Catholics are lay people. This means that the have not been ordained as a Bishop, Priest or Deacon.

What is the role of the Pope in the Catholic Church?

The Pope makes the final decisions about wether the act is still worth to be a religious rule.

What is the main role of a Bishop?

Bishops are the successors of the apostles, the bishop is in charge of the diocese/religious are. He makes sure all the churches and Priests in the area are doing the right thing.

How is the Pope elected?

After the Pope dies, a group of chosen Cardinals gather in front of the Vatican. Secret ballots are conducted until one cardinal has enough support to become the Pope.

List the three levels of ordained ministry:

Priest, Bishops and Deacons.

Name the Bishop of the dioceses where you live?

Bishop  = David Walker


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