New Ways Of Looking At Things

What do you see?

  • I see someone drop their wallet and someone run after them to give it back to them, people kissing on a park bench and in an elevator, a person dancing to buskers and a man dancing with a mop at a grocery store, men having a friendly sward fight in a town square, friends meeting up, a man giving a homeless man a bag of chips, someone running down the street to help move a couch, two men pushing a car to help it start, a heroic man running to help put a fire out on a car, people who believe in rights and strong causes, a man jumping on an armed robber, and a man pushing a car to safety on a railway track, a man catching an elderly mans dog, and an elderly man helping a lay after she fell, loving children and great friends.

What do you think is going on?

  • That most humans are good people, to look at the positives instead of look at all the negatives and to help people even if they are complete strangers.

What does it make you wonder?

  • I wonder why people do what they do, I wonder wether the man who lost his dog was to sick to run after it or wether the man who was homeless was mentally ill or wether something  happened to him to get that way. everything happens for a reason and this video show that.

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