Caritas Inteview – Assignment


Vanessa = Janet Green, John Blue

Steph = Sifa, Danielle


Ness – Hello, I am John Blue reporting for Stella Maris news. Today we will speak to a young girl with a heart-breaking story as well as talk to a Caritas Representative. Sifa was in desperate need of help after her life turned to ruins. It was Caritas Australia who helped Sifa to turn her life around.


Ness – Danielle Jansen, a Caritas Australia Representative. Hi Danielle!

Steph – Hello John, thanks for having me.

Ness – oh no, thank you. So Danielle would you care to tell our viewers what Caritas actually is and what their vision is?

Steph – Well Caritas is a Latin word meaning love and compassion. As a catholic non-profit organisation we really strive to fulfil our motto; End poverty, promote justice, uphold dignity. Caritas was originally started in 1897 by a German man, Lorenz Worthmann. But it was only later in 1964 when Caritas Australia began. Caritas strives to empower people’s hearts with dignity and love. Everyone deserves to be loved and we help and care for the less fortunate. Caritas believes that everyone in the world should be equal and have an equal chance of have a happy life no matter where they were born.

Ness – What does Caritas do?

Steph – well we collect donations from people to give to the less fortunate. We provide education, fresh water and food. Caritas sets up projects in other countries around the world to support them and provide better facilities such as shelter, schools and vaccinations programs.

Ness – well that’s lovely, and where do you work?

Steph – I work for Caritas Australia so we focus on areas such as Africa, the pacific, Asia, Latin America and Indigenous Australia.

Ness – Why, that’s such a wide range! And if any of our viewers want to donate where could they do that?

Steph – They could visit our website, and follow the links. It is always great to donate because we love to help children in need.

Ness – Children are our future

Steph – yes they are the ones who will be running the world someday so Caritas really strives to help them and hope to give them a future.

Ness – well thank you so much Danielle for joining us, hope to hear from you soon

Steph – thank you for having me

Ness – and if you missed any of that information, go to our website and all the information will be there. Now we are joined by Janet who is currently in the Democratic republic of Congo


Ness – hi john, yes I’m here to speak to our special guest Sifa. Sifa has had a very troubling childhood and she’s here today to tell us about it. So Sifa could you please tell us what happened

Steph – well I was only 14 when I was taken by some men who I later learnt were the Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda. I was taken to some place in the forest and beaten mostly on my legs, arms and face. I became pregnant after a while and so five months into the pregnancy I ran tried to run away, but because I was held in the forest it took me three days to find other people to help me.

Ness – And what happened when you got back?

Steph – well I didn’t feel safe anymore because it was people from the law who took me. So I lived with my uncle and aunt for a while with my son Pascal. But my Uncles house was broken into and my aunt and I were… raped by the men who broke in. The men gave me HIV and a daughter. The Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda still threatens me and has burnt my house down. I now live in a different village with my children, Pascal and Pascaline.

Ness – So how did Caritas help you through all this?

Steph – Caritas helped me by treating my HIV and supported me with counselling. They have really helped me through this and my children and I feel safer.

Ness – Thank-you for sharing your story with us.


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