Living The Christian Life

Key Ideas:

  • living as a member of a community is part of life
  • the basis of a just society is a respect for the human person
  • Jesus serves as the model for Christian living

A Just Soceity:

  • Builds up the common good
  • Has preferential concern for the poor
  • Values the dignity of work
  • Respects the environment

Brainstorm – In a Just Society People Would:

  • follow the laws
  • less povertyJust Society
  • opinions are respected
  • clean up the environment
  • fairness
  • employment
  • inclusion
  • society
  • united
  • together
  • freedom

Justice is a term used to show or express fairness, equity, rightness or the equal distribution of resources. It is the ethical principle that persons who have similar circumstances and conditions should be treated alike.


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