Ritual: this can be:

–          Action that is a regular part of a person’s life, such as brushing teeth.

–          Action that has a regular place and meaning in an event such as lighting the Olympic flame at the start of the Olympic Games.

–          Action that has a regular place in worship such as blessing with holy water.

Some examples:

–          Attending Mass Each Week

–          Birthday

–          Christmas

–          New Years

–          Easter

–          Wedding

–          Ash Wednesday

–          Lent

–          Valentine’s day

Wedding Walking down the aisle, cutting the cake, having a ceremony, white dress, the slow dance with an important figure in the bride’s life, the giving away of the bride usually done by a father or brother, exchanging of the rings, the first kiss of the couples married life.

New years the countdown, the fireworks, New Year’s resolution, party, midnight kiss,

Valentine’s day – love notes, roses, chocolates, kisses, hand holding, dinner with someone special